Friday, January 2, 2009

It's Not Over

I'm back at which was my old blog but now my current blog. Sorry for any inconvinience caused and thank you for your support :D . Please head on to the other blog.

Wednesday, December 31, 2008


This will be the last post of this blog. I’ve always wanted the next phase to come as I believe the next phase is more suited for someone like me. However, I never wanted high school to end. I really love my high school life. Everything has to end someday though. High school has ended and now it’s time to look forth into college life and the upcoming phases after that.

I’ll never close this blog as it holds many of my memories and lessons from this year of 2008. There’s so much that I have learned this year. Honestly, I believe I have matured through this year. People mature through experience and experience is what I have gained throughout this very year of 2008. As for the memories, there are so much great memories this year.

The days in scouts with these bunch of people above, it was all great and memorable. Without them my life these whole year wouldn't at all be that amazing. I'm glad I spent those days in scouts. The memories and the things I learned from there are countless. I have no regrets joining you all.

The Taman SEA volleyball team. For half of the team, we trained a total of 2 years together. For the other half, even though it has only been months of training together it has bonded the 12 of us together. Today, we are no longer members of the Taman SEA volleyball but we remain as a team even at this moment. The moments with adrenaline pumping through our body in the games that we play, never will I forget them. I'm really glad I'm in the team.
JNJ, the newly made unofficial club. It started with only a few people and through these 2 years it has grown so much. Out of a sudden I am now VP2 of this club. The outing we had and the trip right after prom, it was really fun and memorable. However, JNJ is far from ending. It will continue through the upcoming years and maybe one day it becomes and official club that aims to benefit people? If there's a club that does that, why not us? Together, lets see the upcoming growth of JNJ.

Not forgetting my 4/5 Ixorians of 07/08 which amused me these 2 years. In the end, we were never a team. 2 years we spent sitting in the same classroom, had our moments of laughter together but we were never bonded together. I have always hoped that we’ll finally end up as a team but well, I guess it’s foolish for me to have thought it could. I don’t have a picture because I don’t have any photos with many of the class people.

Interact club which has thought we quite a lot of stuff and also opened my eyes to many things shall not be forgotten. It's pretty memorable as well the days I spent in the Interact club. It's cool that I was given the membership director post although I did not do a good job at all. However, I'm not longer an interactor and will not join rotaract nor rotary club.I am now a proud member of the Leo Club of Petaling Jaya Integrity and I'm glad I made this choice. Roar roar roar!!

Goodbye 2008!! Hello 2009!!

There's always an ending to everything

Monday, December 29, 2008


I started this blog at the beginning of this year. This blog marks the growth, experience and changes of me within this year of 2008. 17-18, the age I mark as the age of change. I abandoned my old blog and changed to this blog to leave what I was and to attempt a change on myself. Certainly I did change but the changes were only minor. Many thoughts have changed though which includes the desire to change. I never needed to change. I needed to stop holding back myself.

The end of the year is almost here. Together with it, the end of this phase and the end of this blog will come. It marks the beginning of my journey. It’s time to start moving. I used 17 years on the tutorial, now it’s time to get going. It’s time to start working for my aims and my dreams.

It begins here not because I believe this is the right time or anything like that. There isn’t a right time to do something like this. It is merely because I took 17 years of my life to realize, to learn, to figure out what I have to do to achieve things that I want. But well, at least I did.

Tutorial ends and the missions begin

Friday, December 26, 2008


Up till this moment I’ve achieved nothing worthy of acknowledgement. I’m just a slightly above average student. I have no big achievements in my school life. Whether in my academic, sports, club or uniformed unit I’m just at most slightly above average. I’m never considered to be anything near amazing. I always had the chance to but I had never reached out to grab the opportunities. I never dared to. Soon it’ll be phase and new sets of opportunities will be open.

It annoys me very much to be looked down upon. It so happens within my home that’s what happens. In many areas I may be incapable but can’t they just stop focusing on them and look at what I’m capable in? I got a freaking score of IQ 180 in the MENSA test for god’s sake. I dream to achieve more than just a high pay and good job. In fact, that’s not even near to what I want to achieve. It’s true I don’t have any inspiration to what I wish to create yet but inspiration comes in a sudden okay. Maybe stop discouraging and try to give me some idea?

Many people actually think my specialty is in mathematics. That’s quite stupid actually. I’m not good in mathematics. I’m not gifted with numbers at all. What I’m good at is not counting. It’s understanding, analyzing, interpreting and visualizing. Trust me. I’m capable of more than what most people know. Never underestimate me. I’ll feel insulted.

Never underestimate

Friday, December 19, 2008

Next Phase

It’s just a matter of days until the year ends. I’ve switched to this blog to leave my past and to change. Indeed many things changed with include me. Through time and experience people change. The age of 17 is a great experience. 17 is not over yet though but the year is going to. Many people asked me, will I create a new blog of 18-19 then? I’ll answer the question now. I will be going back to my old blog. I’m not going back to my past instead I’m going to use my past to create a better future.

My New Year resolution for the past New Year was to change into a more outspoken person. I didn’t completely fail but neither did I succeed. I did improve from what I was. My New Year resolution will not be the same as I know I will be able to soon. To change is not an easy thing. I’m not a quiet person in the first place so I don’t need to change, I need to show myself.

People tell me 18 is a year where everyone changes as everything changes. It’s a new phase of life. I don’t know how much I’ll change but I’m not going to classify it as an age of change. I wrote 17 as the age of change and I won’t repeat the same for 18. 18 will be the base to success. It’s the mark of the beginning towards making my life a success. I won’t name my blog name as such though. My blog won’t involve age, It’s just not important anymore.

Finally, the time is almost here. The phase of life where I believe I would prove myself. The time I want to let people know I’m more than what people have seen. It’s the time to reach my first mark of success. It’s the time to achieve what I call amazing. I’m not in any way boasting. I just believe in myself. Don’t believe in me? We’ll see in time.

Know what's coming and get ready

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Thursday, December 18, 2008


I guess soon is not so soon after all. I’ve been either sick, busy or both together lately which doesn’t cause me to be unable but cause me to be unwilling to write a post here. I’m still having throat infection and cough at this moment. Coughing is pain with the throat infection and I feel pain drinking water. It’s a pretty strong pain by the way. Other than that I’m pretty alright so here I am writing this. As I’ve said in my previous post I’ll write about me and girls. Well, I don’t know if you get what I mean by that but I meant the difference of me with guys and with girls.

People who don’t know me would classify me as a very quiet boy. People who know me as in really know me will know I’m far from that. The outer layer of me is a quiet more serious person. The inner layer of me which all those who knows me would know is very full of crap and doing all kinds of stupid things. Both are the real me it’s just that the inner is the more natural one.

I’ve never attempt to do any thing I think would embarrass myself alone without any push. But trust me, if you ask me to do it with you I might probably do it. Even when I was a small kid I’ve never dared to do things I know or think I would end up embarrassing myself. I wanted to do them, but never dare to do it alone or without any push.

Now, besides the outer and inner layers there is the core. That would be where the feelings and all lie. Where the romantic and emotional me would be. It’s not a hidden part it’s just there’s no point for it in normal situations. I can’t say I’m a romantic person, I think I am but I won’t know cause well, there’s never a situation that I needed to be. Well, basically that’s it. It’s not a very meaningful post I know but now that I’m not so ill, I’ll be posting up again very soon a meaningful or maybe emotional stuff so stay tuned.

There may be much more than the surface

Friday, November 28, 2008


SPM is not over. That’s something everyone should be aware of. No matter you’re an accounts student or not, it’s not over yet. Do you feel a feeling of relief yet something seems to be stuck there? It’s not over yet that’s why. There’s still a part of you telling yourself, it’s not over yet. Another case of feeling it is that you already felt it’s over before the day. Due to the fact your last test is EST you’re not feeling as good as you expect to be. The relief came before it ended. That’s how it is. Now without further delay, I shall write the essay with the title my perfect future husband or wife as I’ve promised. In my case it’s my perfect future wife of course. And now, my essay commences.

Women and men, both are categorized as the species of human. There’s a known fact the women will never understand man and the same goes the other way yet they still wish to get together and spend their lives together. This is of course with the exception of homosexuals where the same sex gets together. The ritual where the two people get together would be what we humans call marriage. As we go through that ritual, we gain a wife or husband where we are supposed to be spending our lives together. In my case, it would be a wife. Then it comes to the question of a perfect wife. There are a few points that would make my future wife my perfect future wife

Firstly are characteristic that would be needed for my perfect future wife. To people who would say looks doesn’t matter, stop lying to yourself. Look does matter to a certain extent. You’re definitely going to have trouble facing someone whose looks displeases you for your life. My future wife doesn’t need to be very pretty. She doesn’t have to have a great body. She doesn’t need to be sexy. She just has to be pleasant looking to me. For body, I have to be honest anything less than fat would be alright for me. Chubby or round are not counted fat. Looks does matter, but it’s not that important as long as it’s within the range of acceptance.

Personality would be a very common point to be considered. For me, personalities are criteria we must take into consideration. For me, a perfect wife has to be a person who cares for people. A person with kindness in their heart is sufficient. I don’t require a wife who is gentle or anything like that. I require a wife who is kind and cares for other people. Whether she is gentle, rough or anything it doesn’t really matter that much. As long as she is a kind person, it’s enough.

Ability and skill is probably the least of my concern. It’s alright for her so have no special skill. It’s alright for her to not be successful at all. It’s also alright for her to have more abilities and skills compared to me. I don’t really mind. It’ll be perfect if she’s someone smart I would say. I would prefer a wife who is smart. Capable or not doesn’t really matter but smart would be perfect. It’s not a necessary thing though. It’s just something I would prefer to have.

The most important point for my perfect future wife is neither of those I wrote before. The most important point of all is that both of us love the true nature of each other. If I love her and she doesn’t really love me or the other way around, it wouldn’t be alright. Love needs to be from both sides. Love cannot be on the acting of a person. The love that exists must be upon the natural points of a person. Love cannot retain by pretending.

To have a perfect future husband or wife is of course the ideal thing for everyone but most of the time it just never happens. For me, my future wife doesn’t have to be perfect. The most important thing is the last point written in my essay. Both of us have to love each other. I believe one day I will find the fated girl whom I will spend the rest of my life with.

That’s the end of my essay. I would say it’s not a very good essay personally but I would say it’s a very true essay. It doesn’t only apply on wife, it applies on girlfriend too. Well, not that I’ve had any before. Next post will be coming up soon. It’ll be about the point on me and girls. Interested or not, just come back and have a look.

Love is what matters in the end.